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Essay on The Media Should NOT Define our Self-Image

Do we choose to define ourselves? Everyday we turn on the television; we are subjected to advertisements about what we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to wear, and even what we are supposed to drive. Ultimately we choose the vehicles we drive, but the media has a huge influence on us. Three television advertisements reveal the vehicles women and men are believed to drive. The Honda Odyssey is shown in advertisements with a woman driving around kids to their daily functions. The Ford F150 and the Chevy Silverado are shown with men four wheeling through the hills. Advertisements tell us what roles we are â€Å"supposed† to play in society. In reality men and women’s roles in society have greatly changed from the past, but†¦show more content†¦Media shapes the world we live in, through advertisements. Most women are working mothers today. It is a frequent occurrence for a man to help out with daily chores; cooking dinner, cleaning, and watching t he children after school. Yet, many advertisements still depict women taking care of the children, cleaning house and cooking dinner for the family. Many dads are picking their children from school, taking them to sports practice, and picking them up afterwards. The van commercial shows a working mom, but she is still in charge of being the family taxi. The truck commercial shows the dad, taking his stress out on the road. While mom is hauling the kids around dad is out having fun off-roading in the hills. Everyday we are defined by the media. Vehicle companies are not the only ones guilty of shaping society. There are several. American’s are getting larger and still models are getting thinner everyday. Everyone on television has the perfect skin, the perfect hair, and the perfect body, or so it seems to the viewing audience. The aerodynamic shape of the new van represents a woman’s curves and the sleek outside her smooth, delicate skin. On the other hand the truck is portrayed as indestructible, tough, and emotionless; like a man â€Å"should be.† Your vehicle isn’t just a means of transportation, but anShow MoreRelatedEssay about Ideologies, Narrative, Stereotypes and Discourses2263 Words   |  10 Pagescan be simply seen as a merger of society and the individual. (Wysocka, Paulina, 2013). Habitus is both a â€Å"structured structure†Ã¢â‚¬â€the effect of the actions of, and our interactions with, others—and a â€Å"structuring stru cture†Ã¢â‚¬â€it suggests and constrains our future actions (Bourdieu, 1992). In other words, habitus is both the â€Å"embodiment of our social location† (i.e., class, ethnicity, race, sexuality, gender, generation, and nationality) (Noble amp; Watkins, 2003) and â€Å"the structure of social relationsRead MoreEssay about Gendered Media9688 Words   |  39 PagesArticle 7 Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender Julia T. Wood Department of Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill times more often than ones about women (â€Å"Study Reports Sex Bias,† 1989), media misrepresent actual proportions of men and women in the population. This constant distortion tempts us to believe that there really are more men than women and, further, that men are the cultural standard. THEMES IN MEDIA Of the many influences on how we viewRead MoreMarketing and E-commerce Business65852 Words   |  264 PagesMisses Insight on Society: Every Move You Take, Every Click You Make, We’ll Be Tracking You Case Study: Instant Ads: Real-Time Marketing on Exchanges continued on back inside cover E -commerce business. technology. society. T e n T H e d i t i o n Kenneth C. Laudon Carol Guercio Traver New York University Azimuth Interactive, Inc. Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan MunichRead MoreMm-Chapter 1-3 Dawn Iacobucci17854 Words   |  72 Pageswhen you want CourseMate includes online study tools, an Interactive Marketing Plan, and set of Analytical Tools $79.95 US Suggested Retail Price ISBN-13: 978-0-538-48134-2 ISBN-10: 0-538-48134-X 90000 2 9 780538 481342 S T U D E N T T E S T E D , F A C U LT Y A P P R O V E D THE MEET SHOW PROCESS ARE WE LISTENING? Reach out to students to understand their learning preferences and motivations for taking a course. Students in the Marketing Management course wanted an approach with core materialRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pages Strategic Marketing Management Dedication This book is dedicated to the authors’ wives – Gillian and Rosie – and to Ben Gilligan for their support while it was being written. Acknowledgements Our thanks go to Janice Nunn for all the effort that she put in to the preparation of the manuscript. Strategic Marketing Management Planning, implementation and control Third edition Richard M.S. Wilson Emeritus Professor of Business Administration The Business School Loughborough University Read MoreStrategy Safari by Mintzberg71628 Words   |  287 PagesSTRATEGY SAFARI A GUIDED TOURTHROUGH THE WILDS OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT HENRY MINTZBERG BRUCE AHLSTRAND JOSEPH LAMPEL T H E FREE PRESS NEW YORK aJaiz. u.frmiu/i  «...* „.;i†¢Ã¢â‚¬ ¢/ . †¢ . . †¢. »Ã¢â‚¬ ¢.. . .. †¢..†¢Ã¢â‚¬ ¢Ã¢â‚¬ ¢.-.†¢Ã¢â‚¬ ¢a/itiktSii^i THE FREE PRESS A Division of Simon Schuster Inc. 1230 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 Copyright  © 1998 by Henry Mintzberg, Ltd., Bruce Ahlstrand, and Joseph Lampel All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. THERead MoreManual Of HND Marketing Planning Fina14769 Words   |  60 PagesHND Business- Unit Manual- Unit 14- Working with and Leading People UNIT MANUAL (STUDY GUIDE) Marketing Planning Unit 19 HND BUSINESS N E NELSON COLLEGE LONDON L S O N C O L L E G E Copy right Author Editor Version Nelson College London Alfred Mbeteh Nazim Uddin V1-August 2013 HND Business- Unit Manual- Unit 14- Working with and Leading People TABLE OF CONTENT Table of content ...........................................................................................................Read MoreOthering Through Media4677 Words   |  19 Pages------------------------------------------------- ‘Othering’ and the media A literature review on media about, for and by minorities Lieselotte De Mey Student ID no. 014214154 Master student Media and global communication Abstract Since we live in a multicultural society, meaning that we are constantly faced with ‘the other’, we often turn to media as a source to gather information about this unfamiliar other. Arguing that media have the potential to shape people’s perception of social relationsRead MoreInvestment and Economic Moats46074 Words   |  185 Pages T LITTLE BOO K HE THAT BUILDS WEALTH The Knockout Formula for Finding Great Investments PAT DORSEY FOREWORD BY JOE MANSUETO FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN, AND CEO OF MORNINGSTAR, INC. John Wiley Sons, Inc. ffirs.indd v 2/1/08 12:55:38 PM ffirs.indd iv 2/1/08 12:55:38 PM T K H LITTLE BOO E THAT BUILDS WEALTH ffirs.indd i 2/1/08 12:55:36 PM Little Book Big Profits Series In the Little Book Big Profits series, the brightest icons in the financial Read MoreRoadmap to Csr Sustainability in Healthcare16191 Words   |  65 Pages  hospital   industry.    2. Gives    the   readers   real    life    application   of    CSR    by   providing   case   studies    from    the    industry.    3. Enables    the    readers    to    do    a    self- ­Ã¢â‚¬ assessment    that    helps    them    assess    the    organizational    preparedness    for    CSR.    This    assessment    identifies    the    key    CSR    issues    in    each    function    of

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Applying for a Master in Mechanical Engineering - 600 Words

Statement of Purpose Name : Undergraduate Major : Mechanical Engineering Degree Seeking : Master of Science Graduate Major : Computer Science At times when I sit back and go down the memory lane, mixed thoughts flash past my mind. Those were the years when Engineering Degree seemed to be a dream and life passes on as usual. Now that dream has turned into a reality. I find myself at the threshold of a new life, at a point, which can make or break my future and in quest to actually make this future. I sit here penning out this application which contemplates my academic background and my goals. I grew up in a very competitive environment right through my childhood. I was one among the selected few to gain an admission in one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Hyderabad – â€Å"St. Paul’s High School†, which is well known for its quality education and discipline. This excellent Schooling, which I received during the formative years of my life, spurred me to excel at academics and other extra-curricular activities like debating, quiz, etc. Right from my High School days I have been fascinated by the constant innovations in the Engineering filed, which had influence on day-to-day life. In pursuit of a career in Engineering. I appeared for a state wide common entrance test for Engineering (EAMCET), in which I stood among the top 10% out of 145,000 students. This paved the way for my admission into Mechanical Undergraduate program at Vidya JyothiShow MoreRelatedDesign Engineering And Computer Engineering1082 Words   |  5 Pagescasino owner b ut now I work as a mechanical design engineer in a defense company. Within our business establishment we designs, develops and delivers sonar apparatus to the Royal Navy and exports apparatus to navies around the globe. Professionally I am a design engineering and delivering projects as well as design support, but I also expert in stress analysis, predominantly finite aspect analysis I have forever had an attention in engineering and mechanical engineering was the most relaxed fit. TheRead MoreDesire to Study Industrial Engineering in Operations Research and Information Systems852 Words   |  4 PagesMy undergraduate years as a mechanical major had successfully provided me a solid foundation in technical areas and quantitative methods. I wish to further develop my skills and broaden my knowledge in Industrial Engineering, particularly in the advanced studies based on Operations Research Information Systems. By applying cross-disciplinary approach in solving complex engineering problems with specific technical aspects and through analysis of managerial and economic factors, I will prepare myselfRead MoreA Brief Note On Arizona State University For Admission983 Words   |  4 PagesI am applying to Arizona State University for admission to the Master of Science Program in Industrial Engineering. I am interested in learning subjects like Statistics, Operational research, Computer aided manufacturing, six-sigma, Product development, Project management, Supply chain management, Quality control and Information systems engineering. I was brought up in a small village in India, where agriculture was the primary occupation. My father, being a farmer could not either use modern equipmentRead MoreMaster Of Science : Information Science And Technology Essay979 Words   |  4 PagesStatement of Purpose Name: Sujit Subhash Program: Master of Science in Information Science and Technology I am applying for the Master of Science in Information Science and Technology program at the Missouri University of Science and Technology as I believe this program will give me the strongest foundation and skills to one day drive my entrepreneurial endeavors. In the technological age that we live in, the next great idea is just around the corner. This program will help me develop not justRead MoreBucknell University Personal Statement996 Words   |  4 PagesI am applying for the Assistant Professor Position in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Bucknell University (Job no: 493839). Currently, I am an Assistant Clinical Professor and Research Educator in the Designing Innovations (DI) Research Stream in the First-Year Innovation and Research Experience (FIRE) at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD). I have had various teaching and mentoring experiences with undergraduate students since 2013. I am currently leading the DI ResearchRead MoreCareer Research : Computer Hardware Engineer1113 Words   |  5 Pageslevel computer hardware engineers have a Bachelors degree in computer engineers, although a degree in electrical engineering and computer science is generally acceptable† However, some employers hire students from accredited engineering programs such as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (â€Å"Computer Hardware Engineers†). Having training in computer hardware engineering would definitely increase their chances of becoming hired. As some students do internships while still in schoolRead MoreCareer Research Paper : Career1444 Words   |  6 PagesMatthew Chalfan Professor Myoka EDUC 1300 10/25/2016 Career Research Paper The career I chose to undertake as my profession is that of a mechanical engineer. Why do I want to become a mechanical engineer? Well, for starters, I would be able to design, build and possibly repair many various machines and other technologies that are complex. These technologies can range from being already in use on a global scale to new, futuristic designs that are highly technical. Also, this career includes beingRead MoreThe Importance of Architectural Engineering Essay1422 Words   |  6 Pagesand in the technical field. Therefore, they can apply engineering principles, but still appreciate the aesthetic concept of buildings. By applying knowledge of both fields in their projects, they create a balance. According to Jeff Codega, president/ CEO of Jeff Codega Planning/Design, â€Å"it is important in our man-made environments to keep a balance between aesthetics and functionality.† The ability to master both the architectural and engineering field, and keep them in b alance is essential in theRead MoreApplication for Graduate Program in Mechanical Enginnering for Standard University1211 Words   |  5 Pagesof Technology (IIT) Bombay. I obtained Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2012. I find myself fascinated by the fields of Gas Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics. I am particularly interested in the areas of derivative fuels, combustion analysis and design of combustion chamber. It is in this context that I am applying for graduate studies towards MS/PhD in Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University. I look forward to imbibe from the bestRead MoreStatement of Purpose for My Masters in Industrial Engineering829 Words   |  3 PagesStatement of Purpose An avid interest in mechanical devices found me tinkering with machine parts of toys as a child, and later on, with gadgets around the house, which I would try my hand at repairing. By the time I was in high school, this interest extended to motor bikes as well. Apart from the thrill of riding one, I was fascinated by the engine responsible for its movement. I desired to know about the underlying technology governing the operation of engines and all kinds of machines. My interest

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Research Study Motivation Of First Generation College...

Laila Chaoui Process for Analyzing Research Studies Analyzing Research: motivation of first generation college students 1. I utilized the University of North Florida’s search bar through the library to find my article. I typed into the search bar â€Å"motivating first generation college students†. I wanted to find research that explored different ways utilized by institutions to motivate and retain their first generation college students. This article is from the NASPA Journal which is a journal I have used frequently in the past as it is most directly related to my chosen field. The reference for the article found is: Bradbury, B, Mather, P. (2009). The Integration of First Year- Generation College Students from Ohio Appalachia. NASPA Journal, 46(2), 258-281. 2. The background utilized within this research was how an enormous portion of the college student population have now become first- generation college students which typically means that they are at higher risk for lower graduation rates than their peers who nonfirst- generation. This study also takes into consideration how the residents of the Appalachian region were less likely to graduate and get into college than their peers. This study also defines first generation college students as students whose parents did not graduate from college, it was also found that these students tended to be older than the nonfirst generation peers and that the likelihood of them arriving â€Å" from low- income families† (Bradbury Show MoreRelatedThe Motivational Factors Of First Generation Student1135 Words   |  5 PagesWhen a student, whose parents or guardians did not receive a post-secondary education, completes a bachelor’s degree at a university or college, they are known as a first-generation student (Choy, 2001). For many students, becoming a first-generation student is a very significant deal not only for the student, but also for the rest of the family as well. When becoming the first student in the family to receive a post-secondary education, there is an immense amount of pressure placed on the studentRead MoreMotivation In Millennials1085 Words   |  5 PagesOishi (2017) analyzed results of previous studies of Millennials’ traits related to commitment at work, expectations and job satisfaction. Reported conclusions were not much different from those of Twenge (2010). Both reviews reported that Millennials appreciated flexibility, work-life balance and pleasant working environment (Twenge, 2010; Stewart, Oliver, Cravens Oishi, 2017). However, Stewart, Oliver, Cravens and Oishi (2017) also reported that the Generation Y wanted frequent rewards and recognitionsRead MoreStudent Motivation And Academic Success1568 Words   |  7 Pagesac ademic success of a student in college – motivation, learning preferences/styles, socioeconomic status, whether or not the student is a first generation college student, gender, and even race. With so many factors potentially contributing or hindering a student’s academic success in college; it is important for teachers to attempt to connect with students in the classroom. Adjusting instructional methods that focus on students’ learning preferences/styles can increase student motivation and can lead toRead MoreStudents From Low Income And First Generation797 Words   |  4 PagesStudents from low-income and first generation backgrounds often struggle in different academic subjects. Subsequently, students have lower expectations for themselves when it comes to academic achievement. The majority of first generation students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Seeing that, families work countless hours in factories and other places where they are underpaid be cause of the lack of educational opportunity they experienced themselves. According to Blackwell and Pinder (2014)Read MoreChallenges Faced By First Generation Students756 Words   |  4 PagesSemester 2015 First-Generation Outline I Did you know that 40% of the United States population is made up of first-generation students? (Earl, 1987). A Being given the label first-generation by definition means that a student is the first in his or her family to attend and finish with a college degree. B Study conducted by Hicks (2006), compared educational barriers of first-generation to non-first-generation students; first-generation students had dissimilar expectations of college, poorer academicRead MoreMotivating Firs Generation Students For Academic Success And College Completion902 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Motivating Firs-Generation Students For Academic Success and College Completion† by Tanjula Petty describes the additional challenges first generation students have to overcome while attending college. A well-heeled diversity and world of opportunities are a few of the positive outcomes of attending college. According to Tanjula Petty (2014), â€Å"Yet, the most cited and widely used definition for first- generation students is someone whose parents has not completed a college degree†. Students whose parentsRead MoreGraduation Gap Between Minority Students And White Students Essay1311 Words   |  6 Pagesdiverse students entering and graduating from pos t-secondary institutions is increasing at rapid rates (Education Trust, 2015; Georgetown University Center, 2012). Between the years 2003 and 2013, 77% of public institutions improved graduation rates for underrepresented groups, including African-American, Hispanic, and Native American students (Education Trust, 2015). Despite this increase, there continues to be a graduation gap between underrepresented minority students and White students. NationallyRead MorePredictors Of A Student s Overall Level Of Satisfaction With The University1612 Words   |  7 Pagespredictors and to have a firmer grasp one a scholar’s capability to persist in a college environment. According to Sparkman, Maulding, and Roberts (2012), â€Å"the level of integration is inversely related to the potential that a student will drop out† (p. 642). This added insight reveals that scholars are more likely to be retained if said students have rooted themselves to something at the university. If the students are grounded to the postsecondary education either academically or socially then thisRead MoreTechnology And Technology Essay1012 Words   |  5 PagesUnited States, students would have their eyes glued to their phone screens. In class, walking around campus, or in the library millennials are always on their phones and it is affecting their time management skills as students attending college in the digital age. A recent study done at a university in Taiwan found that college students cell phone addictions can be linked to school related stress and significant time management issues. During the study researchers tracked how students spent their timeRead MoreMulticultural Education We Receive A Reward956 Words   |  4 Pageseffectively alter the opinions of individuals. Studies demonstrate the effects of these courses and while the subjects of this research are often college students, these effects are easily generalizable to the rest of the population. Although this generalizability is there, one can understand why it is the most effective to begin with college age students. Many laud this as a critical point in development for most young adults. It is a time where students are at a higher level of learning, while critical

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Pride And Prejudice Elizabeth And Mr Darcy Essay Example For Students

Pride And Prejudice Elizabeth And Mr Darcy Essay Elizabeths veiw of Mr. Drcy was first formed at the first ball, he was decided to be the proudest,most disagreeable man in the world, and everyone hoped he would never come there again. There at the ball Mr.Bingley advised Mr.Darcy, as he was standing all alone,to dance with Miss Elizabeth and wished to introduce her but Mr. Darcy said,She is tolerable,but not handsome enough to tempt me;and I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men. This offended Elizabeth and when she met Charlotte after the ball , What is Elizabeths first impression of Mr.Darcy? Is it justified?Elizabeth told her , I could forgive his pride ,if he had not mortified mine.Elizabeth thinks of Mr. Darcy as the most disagreeable man.However,I think she hasnt justified her opinion of Mr.Darcy because when Mr,Wickham tells her about Mr.Darcy and his relationship,she never tries to find out the other side of the story but judjes Mr. Darcy from only what she heard from Mr.Wickham.

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Apply Porter 5 forces to IBM

Apply Porter 5 forces to IBM With Porter five forces framework, we identify the sources of competition facing IBM:-1.Threat of new entrantsHigh capital requirement needed to fund RD and assets make the threat of new entrants relatively low. IBM spends large amount of funds annually for RD, in order to constantly introduce new high-technology and innovative products and solutions to market to maintain its' competitiveness,Tougher for new entrants to achieve economies of scale due to experience curve effect. In addition, Consumers' preference over established brands, long-term relationship and broad product portfolio make IBM the preferred brand.2.Threat of SubstitutesPropensity to substitute is low for buyers. Threat varies from low to medium with high switching cost and product differentiation such as technology, performance, functionality etc.3. Bargaining power of buyersBargaining power is high during sourcing stage. However, buyers' bargaining power decrease after the purchase stage as switching cost is high with compatibility concerns, migration issues and cost of hardware/software."HP"-Garage in Palo Alto4.Bargaining power of suppliersSuppliers' bargaining power is low for the industry, IBM maintains a diversity of suppliers.5.Intensity of rivalry among established firmsAfter several years of contraction, the global IT industry returns to growth. The competition in the industry is intense with big boys like Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems with diversified capabilities.Gerry Johnson, Kevin Scholes and Richard Whittington (2005), Exploring Corporate Strategy - Text and Cases, 7th edition, Harlow : FT/Prentice Hall.IBM Corporation, available online from ibm.comIBM Annual report 2004, An IBM Prospectus, Understanding Our Company, available online from Public Affairs, available online from corporation, Government and Public Policy, available online :

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Battle of Jutland in World War I

Battle of Jutland in World War I Battle of Jutland -Conflict Dates The Battle of Jutland was fought May 31-June 1, 1916, and was the largest naval battle of World War I (1914-1918). Fleets Commanders Royal Navy Admiral Sir John JellicoeVice Admiral Sir David Beatty28 battleships, 9 battlecruisers, 9 armored cruisers, 26 light cruisers, 78 destroyers, 1 minelayer, 1 seaplane carrier Kaiserliche Marine Vice Admiral Reinhard ScheerVice Admiral Franz Hipper16 battleships, 5 battlecruisers, 6 pre-dreadnoughts, 11 light cruisers, 61 torpedo boats Battle of Jutland -German Intentions: With the Allied blockade increasingly taking a toll on the German war effort, the Kaiserliche Marine began devising plans to bring the Royal Navy to battle. Outnumbered in battleships and battlecruisers, the commander of the High Seas Fleet, Vice Admiral Reinhard Scheer, hoped to lure part of the British fleet to its doom with the goal of evening the numbers for a larger engagement at a later date. To accomplish this, Scheer intended to have Vice Admiral Franz Hippers scouting force of battlecruisers raid the English coast to draw out Vice Admiral Sir David Beattys Battlecruiser Fleet. Hipper would then retire, leading the pursuing Beatty towards the High Seas Fleet which would destroy the British ships. To support the operation, submarines would be deployed to weaken Beattys forces while also watching Admiral Sir John Jellicoes main Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow. Unknown to Scheer, the British codebreakers at Room 40 had broken the German naval codes and were aware that a major operation was in the offing. Unaware of Scheers intentions, Jellicoe sortied with 24 battleships and three battlecruisers on May 30, 1916, and took up a blocking position ninety miles west of Jutland. Battle of Jutland -The Fleets Put to Sea: Jellicoes departure was followed later that day by Hipper who left the Jade Estuary with five battlecruisers. Able to move faster than his superior, Beatty sailed from the Firth of Forth early on May 31 with six battlecruisers and the four fast battleships of the Fifth Battle Squadron. Leaving after Hipper, Scheer put to sea on May 31 with sixteen battleships and six pre-dreadnoughts. In all cases, each formation was accompanied by a host of armored and light cruisers, destroyers, and torpedo boats. As the British moved into position, the German u-boat screen proved ineffective and played no role. Battle of Jutland -The Battlecruisers Collide: As the fleets moved towards each other, a communications error led Jellicoe to believe that Scheer was still in port. While he held his position, Beatty steamed east and received reports from his scouts at 2:20 PM of enemy ships to the southeast. Eight minutes later, the first shots of the battle occurred as British light cruisers encountered German destroyers. Turning towards the action, Beattys signal to Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Evan-Thomas was missed and a ten-mile gap opened between the battlecruisers and the Fifth Battle Squadron before the battleships corrected their course. This gap prevented Beatty from having a crushing advantage in firepower in the coming engagement. At 3:22 PM, Hipper, moving northwest, spotted Beattys approaching ships. Turning southeast to lead the British towards Scheers battleships, Hipper was sighted eight minutes later. Racing forward, Beatty squandered an advantage in range and failed to immediately form his ships for battle. At 3:48 PM, with both squadrons in parallel lines, Hipper opened fire. In the ensuing Run to the South, Hippers battlecruisers got the better of the action. Due to another British signaling error, the battlecruiser Derfflinger was left uncovered and fired with impunity. At 4:00 PM, Beattys flagship HMS Lion took a near fatal hit, while two minutes later HMS Indefatigable exploded and sank. Its loss was followed twenty minutes later when HMS Queen Mary met a similar fate. Though scoring hits on the German ships, Beattys battlecruisers failed to score any kills. Alerted to the approach of Scheers battleships shortly after 4:30 PM, Beatty quickly reversed course and began running to the northwest. Battle of Jutland -The Run to the North: Passing Evan-Thomass battleships, Beatty again had signal difficulties which hampered the Fifth Battle Squadrons turn. As the battered battlecruisers withdrew, the battleships fought a running rear-guard action with the High Seas Fleet. Moving to Beattys aid, Jellicoe sent forward Rear Admiral Horace Hoods Third Battlecruiser Squadron while attempting to obtain information about Scheers position and heading. As Beatty ran north, his ships hammered at Hipper, forcing him to turn south and join Scheer. Around 6:00 PM, Beatty joined Jellicoe as the commander debated which way to deploy the fleet. Battle of Jutland -The Dreadnoughts Clash: Deploying to the east of Scheer, Jellicoe put the fleet in position to cross Scheers T and have superior visibility as the sun began to set. As the Grand Fleet moved into line of battle, there was a flurry of activity as the smaller vessels raced into position, earning the area the name Windy Corner. With Jellicoe forming the fleet, the action was renewed when two British cruisers came under fire from the Germans. While one was sunk, the other was badly damaged but was inadvertently saved by HMS Warspite whose steering gear overheated causing it to circle and draw German fire. Approaching the British, Hipper again clashed with the battlecruisers, including Hoods fresh ships. Taking heavy damage, he was forced to abandon his flagship SMS Lutzow, but not before his ships sank HMS Invincible, killing Hood. At 6:30 PM the main fleet action began with Scheer stunned to find Jellicoes battleships crossing his T. His lead ships under intense fire from the British line, Scheer averted disaster by ordering an emergency maneuver known as Gefechtskehrtwendung (battle about turn to starboard) which saw each ship reverse course by turning 180-degrees. Knowing that he could not win a stern chase and with too much light remaining to escape, Scheer turned back towards the British at 6:55 PM. At 7:15 PM, Jellicoe again crossed the German T with his battleships hammering SMS Konig, SMS Grosser Kurfà ¼rst, SMS Markgraf, and SMS Kaiser of Scheers lead division. Under intense fire, Scheer was forced to order another battle about turn. To cover his withdrawal, he ordered a mass destroyer attack on the British line, along with an sending his battlecruisers forward. Meeting brutal fire from Jellicoes fleet, the battlecruisers took heavy damage as Scheer laid a smoke screen and retreated. As the battlecruisers limped away, the destroyers commenced torpedo attacks. Turning away from the assault, the British battleships escaped unscathed, however it cost Jellicoe valuable time and daylight. Battle of Jutland - Night Action: As darkness fell, Beattys remaining battlecruisers exchanged final shots with the Germans around 8:20 PM and scored several hits on SMS Seydlitz. Aware of German superiority in night fighting, Jellicoe sought to avoid renewing the battle until dawn. Cruising south, he intended to block Scheers most likely escape route back to the Jade. Anticipating Jellicoes move, Scheer slowed and crossed the Grand Fleets wake during the night. Fighting through a screen of light vessels, Scheers ships engaged in a series of chaotic night battles. In these fights, the British lost the cruiser HMS Black Prince and several destroyers to enemy fire and collisions. Scheers fleet saw the loss of the pre-dreadnought SMS Pommern, a light cruiser, and several destroyers. Though Scheers battleships were sighted several times, Jellicoe was never alerted and the Grand Fleet continued sailing south. At 11:15 PM, the British commander did receive an accurate message containing the German location and heading, but due to a series of faulty intelligence reports earlier in the day, it was disregarded. It was not until 4:15 AM on June 1, that Jellicoe was alerted to the Germans true position by which point he was too far away to resume the battle. Battle of Jutland - Aftermath: At Jutland, the British lost 3 battlecruisers, 3 armored cruisers, and 8 destroyers, as well as 6,094 killed, 510 wounded, and 177 captured. German losses numbered 1 pre-dreadnought, 1 battlecruiser, 5 light cruisers, 6 destroyers, and 1 submarine. Casualties were listed as 2,551 killed and 507 wounded. In the wake of the battle, both sides claimed victory. While the Germans succeeded in sinking more tonnage and inflicting higher casualties, the battle itself resulted in a strategic victory for the British. Though the public had sought a triumph similar to Trafalgar, the German efforts at Jutland failed to break the blockade or significantly reduce the Royal Navys numerical advantage in capital ships. Also, the result led to the High Seas Fleet effectively remaining in port for the remainder of the war as the Kaiserliche Marine turned its focus to submarine warfare. While both Jellicoe and Beatty were criticized for their performance at Jutland, the battle did lead to several changes in the Royal Navy. Determining that the loss in battlecruisers was largely due to shell handing procedures, changes were made to ensure a higher degree of safety. Also improvements were made to gunnery practices, signaling, and the Fleet Standing Orders. Selected Sources First World War: Battle of JutlandThe Battle of Jutland

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The Ability to Value Assets Accurately is at the Heart of the Essay

The Ability to Value Assets Accurately is at the Heart of the Discipline of Finance. Discuss - Essay Example Inappropriate asset valuation would fail to determine the actual status of the business performance which would adversely affect the formulation of business strategies. According to Brigham & Daves (2009), â€Å"Real options are opportunities for management to change the timing, scale, or other aspects of an investment in response to changes in market conditions.† (Brigham & Daves, 2009, p.490). Since the real options are concerned with the real assets such as plants, fixtures, and land, it enables the management to take timely and appropriate decisions regarding investment strategies. Brigham and Daves also opine that formulation of model and estimation of input is necessary for the valuation of real options in investments. It will be a cumbersome task for the management to determine the exact value of real options in investment since it includes intangible components like contract, decision to expand or abandon etc. Even though exact valuation of real options is not possible, it helps to determine the sustainability of the proposed project. According to the writers, in order to valuate the real options more accurately, it is better to trea t the valuation with a ‘standard model for financial option’. Similarly usage of ‘discounted cash flow valuation and decision tree analysis’ are also better methods in order to increase the accuracy of valuation of real options (Brigham & Daves, 2009, pp.490-491). If the value of underlying asset (an asset underlies and offers value to the particular security or investment) can be properly estimated, then it is possible to find out the value of real options in investment almost accurately. Likewise, while dealing with valuation of real options, it is essential to represent the payouts precisely in order to bring out maximum relevant facts in the valuation process. The Black-Scholes model is a comparatively better method to determine the theoretical value of real